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Learn more about Katie and Brewing Up Style's beginnings!

Welcome to Brewing Up Style!

Hi everyone! I’m so glad you stopped by! My name is Katie and I’m the owner and co-creator of Brewing Up Style. I run this blog with my boyfriend, Drew, who is the master behind the lens. We are located in Champaign, Illinois and love to try new things and share them with you! I started this blog as an outlet for creativity. I’ve always loved fashion, beauty, and scrapbooking, so blogging seemed like a natural fit.

Growing up, I loved to create “new looks” from dress up clothes in my closet and then pretend that the hallway was a runway. I was obsessed with reading fashion magazines in order to discover new products and trends. I would read every magazine I could get my hands on from cover to cover. Back then, I didn’t know about blogging yet, so fashion and beauty were just hobbies that I mostly kept to myself. Although, I always loved sharing my favorite new finds with family and friends!

As I got older, I became addicted to scrapbooking. I helped my mom make many of our family scrapbooks. For me, there was something so relaxing about creating beautiful layouts with which to display pictures. Even from the beginning, I understood what it meant to tell a story with pictures. I would spend weeks on end in the summers printing pictures, planning layouts, cutting, glueing, and decorating. When it was all complete, my favorite part was sharing what I had created with people.

Fast forward many years: I’m in college, trying to study for an exam but instead browsing Instagram. I’ve always found Instagram fascinating because I love that it is a platform for sharing pictures. My love for blogging started on Instagram, where I discovered amazing bloggers who share their lives with the world, much like I shared my life through scrapbooking when I was young. I didn’t start a blog yet though, because I didn’t have the time quite yet. But, it was always in my mind that I would start a blog “someday.”

Brewing Up Beginnings

Once out of college, I started my career. My chosen path was really stressful at first. Although I thought that I had chosen a career that would let me be creative every day, the reality was much different. My creativity was often staunched by red tape and daily expectations to get a certain amount of work done. I knew, even after a year, I needed another outlet to let my ideas be heard.

Then, one day early in 2017, I was thinking about what direction I wanted my life to take. My job was still stressful and I still had an interest in blogging, so I decided to do some research. After planning, taking a few pictures, and deciding on the name, “Brewing Up Style,” I hit publish. So far, it’s been a dream to create content to share with you!

The name Brewing Up Style came from my love of style and all things brewed. From coffee, tea, craft beer, and more, I find myself constantly sharing my favorite new drink with people. For me, “style” embodies everything about the way a person expresses themselves. Personal style is about finding the products that enhance you as a person. I love to try new fashion brands, beauty products, and hairstyles. Then, I share my experience with you so you can better find your own personal style.

I enjoy sharing my journey to become the best version of myself, so we can all find our voice together.

Here’s to taking many adventures together,



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